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One platform for all your integration needs.

There are more than 100 applications and components for you to integrate any time you want and with no traumas.

With our intelligent components you get an universal communication language suitable for any application, on any ecosystem, from e-commerce platforms, CRM's, ERP's, finance systems, logistics and much more.

There are countless possibilities for you and your company to have the best software integration experience.

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Besides providing a new experience for those who create integrations, we revolutionize the way integrations are consumed.

With our platform you can distribute your integrations through our API's, our SDK or through our innovative Integration Store, which is a new concept to aggregate even more value on your software for your final client.

There is no perfect world, and integrations sure can cause trouble, and because of that, we have the best monitoring tool for you to diagnose exactly where the errors occur inside your operation. This way you will get an awesome response time for problem solving, and it won't impact your client's experience!

With our alerts and logs, you'll know everything that's going on, and prevent any bad surprises or traumas.

Linkapi integration platform
integration for company

For Company

Optimize your operation is a challenge that goes beyond having the best tools.
Integrating everything is the key to offer your clients the best and most efficient experience.

Within days you can now integrate your business with ERPs, logistics, customer service, ratings services, e-commerce platforms, financial solutions, any cloud platform and much more!

integration for cloud software

For Cloud Software

Using your product development team for building in-house integrations prevents them from keeping their eye on the ball and can cost you a lot of money.

By using our cloud integration platform, you can offer native integrations inside your own product or have your own integration store, without worrying about all the various complex API updates!

There are more than 100 integrations available for your business.
We integrate with the largest platforms in the market such as: Sage, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Magento and much more.

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