Integration solutions that accelerates your growth

All industries face integration challenges specific for your business model, and connecting your applications helps automate your business growth. Having the right data in the right place, helps you to take the best decision for your company.

Many companies trust in LinkApi’s expertise to help them automate their process and grow their business more than expected. Check some industries that we help making their operation easier, more efficient and smarter.
energy integration


retail integration


healthcare integration


telecom integration


hub integration


nonprofits integration


financial services integration

Financial Services

media and publishing integration

Media & Publishing

transportation and logistics integration

& Logistics

manufacturing integration


public sector integration

Public Sector

higher education integration

Higher Education

No manual tasks

If you are manually updating orders, clients, and products in all your systems, you are not being efficient!

Now you can create integrations between ERPs, CRMs, logistics, financial solutions, digital marketing systems, BI and much more. 

We provide total integration with more than 150 platforms in the main market which include Magento, VTEX, Oracle, TOTVS Protheus, SAP and so on.

component integration
automation that reduces costs

Lower costs

We know that can cost much more to have a software development team creating and sustaining integration systems from scratch.

By using our platform, you will lower your costs dramatically because you will have access to ready and available expertise in integration.

Besides the savings, you will be letting your team focus on more important priorities in your e-commerce.

integration platform

From the simplest to the most complex

Apply your business rules in the platform in order to carry out fully customized integrations.

You will have more efficient integrations to automate processes and still meet your specific business’s needs.

integration platform

See the journey for companies

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Customer’s reviews

Sinta Flor

"We have used LinkApi since we started selling on Magento platform with ERP KPL. Our sales and client data are imported directly from the store to our ERP so that we have all the data we need to invoice and complete our orders.”

Renan Cassiano dos Reis - IT Analyst

Som e Acessó

"We found a solution for our everyday operations in LinkApi. Integrating clients’ info, orders, cross-docking, stock and price updates used to be manual, archaic task. Now these tasks are automated.”

Rafael Moraes - e-Commerce Manager

Casa Santa Luzia

“We know that relieving the impact and the unexpected is essential for success. When we started using LinkApi, besides gaining agility in the processes and reliability of data, we got safety and flexibility in a key point in a project: the integration.”

Eduardo Laignier - IT Analyst

Coop Consumer Cooperative

“LinkApi eased the implementation of systems integrations. The processing engine was ready and functional and the integration allowed us to earn significantly more as we could monitor the processed integrations.”

Robson Kaio - Analyst Development and Systems e-Commerce