The complete integration solution

Everything you need to connect applications, data and APIs

Turn your business into connectable

API Management

Scale your business ecosystem with the power of APIs. Let the outside world connect to your business through an agile, modern, secure, and very controlled architecture.

Connect to a world of possibilities


Connect proactively to all the possibilities that the software ecosystem can offer you. Accelerate the connection with different data sources and have a 100% automated and efficient operation.

For various business models

Tech Enabler

For companies that use technology to enable their business models, usually platforms that connect different ecosystems. We accelerate and scale connections across your entire business network, creating even more value to your model. All this, through an intelligent platform for development and integration management.

Tech First

For companies that sell technology products to the market. Our platform allows speed in the integrations between your product and the whole software ecosystem, be it via APIs, webservices, databases, files, etc. With this, we increase your sales, speed up your onboarding process, and improve your final customer experience.

Digital Transformation

For traditional companies that want to leverage their business through digital transformation. Our platform enables and accelerates digital transformation through an innovative technology that implements an agile architecture prepared for automation initiatives, connections with partners, digital experiences, and much more.

Benefits of using LinkApi


Have an agile, modern and prepared architecture for all integration scenarios.


Build intelligent automations that enable more efficient processes and financial savings.


Monitor and manage your operations, make quick diagnostics and keep your connections under control.


Configure and manage access policies, have the necessary governance and security in your data.


Scale integrations without worrying about demand growth, have an elastic and intelligent infrastructure.



Tech Enabler

With customized integrations, we allowed data generated in different academy systems to be sent to the Gympass platform, transforming this data automatically, and thus ensuring the delivery of correct information in all interconnected systems. We accelerated the global expansion of the brand with the speed of integration of new systems.


Tech First

Using LinkApi allows customers to hire Xerpa more easily, and speeds up onboarding time for these new customers. The integrations developed allow Xerpa's platform to communicate directly with the systems already used by its customers, receiving and sending recruitment and payroll data effectively.


Digital Transformation

With the help of LinkApi, Sapore created an automatic connection hub with its suppliers, generating an 80% reduction in calls about errors in orders and more than 11,000 hours per month saved with the automation of the process.

Companies that rely on our technology

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