Simplify your API management and integrations

Performance, Control, Security, Scalability, and everything you need to modernize your API architecture, and build integrations much faster

More than 150 companies around the world rely on our technology

The largest API and Integration management platform in Latin America

Evaluated as the most promising technology company of 2020 by CIO Review

A single solution, all the possibilities


Complete integration solution

A unique solution that combines the best of API management, integration platform and DevTools.


Easy and intuitive

Pre-built components that speed up development on a fully Dev-friendly and JavaScript compliant platform.

Enterprise ready

Ready for robust operations

Features that ensure total control of your operation, such as audit logs and reports, in a secure, reliable and scalable way.

Standardize your integrations

Use pre-built components or create your own. Take advantage of over 200 components, including the most important software on the market, ready to be used in automations and API Gateways.

Build and manage your APIs

Use powerful API Gateways with policies, authentication, releases and high performance, and distribute them on beautiful developer portals.

Connect what you need

Quickly create integrations with APIs, databases, files and web-services (SOAP / XML). Connect different software ecosystems such as e-commerces, CRMs, ERPs, financial systems, logistics, etc.

Customize your integrations

Create API Gateways and integrations with any IDE through our CLI, and use our SDK to save time on complex tasks such as data transformation, error logs, parallelism, and more.

Define how to execute

Use triggers to execute automations. Be it pub/sub events, webhooks or schedulers, our platform provides different types of triggers to execute your integrations in an intelligent way.

Distribute your integrations

Make your releases available through an amazing consumer portal, or an embedded solution, and provide a self-service journey for your customers and partners. They can activate your integrations in a few clicks.

Monitor your operation

Keep everything under control through our real-time monitoring tool. View logs to monitor your APIs and integrations, which prevents surprises or errors.

Monitor your projects

Analyze your operation in a macro view with a powerful panel. Get detailed information on performance, errors, consumption and more.

Success Cases

With each new country we enter, several new software solutions for gyms appear, and we can only offer a good experience to our users and partner gyms by being integrated with them. LinkApi is an important platform in this journey of expansion of Gympass, because it allows an agile integration with several players.

Luiz Figueira
Professional Services Director, Gympass

With the LinkApi platform we were able to build an agile architecture in Sapore. LinkApi was an important part of our digital transformation, turning our IT legacy into modern and connectable interfaces.

Rafael Tobara
CTO, Sapore

Our plan for the future is to scale our API and become the largest gateway dedicated to stamping in Brazil. LinkApi is the main factor that gives us security and tranquility to make this expansion. Igor Blumberg Chief Technology Officer, Dimona
LinkApi has enabled us two very important things: we have realized that integrations are necessary to serve enterprises, which have a very large operation. And these integrations allowed us to make our product more scalable. Daniel Fernandes Product Owner, Xerpa

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