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The complete integration solution

Accelerate your integrations by at least 70% through a powerful and scalable infrastructure.

More than 150 companies around the world rely on our technology

"With each new country we enter, several new software solutions for gyms appear, and we can only offer a good experience to our users and partner gyms by being integrated with them. LinkApi is an important platform in this journey of expansion of Gympass, because it allows an agile integration with several players".

Luiz Figueira, Professional Services Director

A single solution, all the possibilities


Complete integration solution

A unique solution that combines the best of API management, integration platform and DevTools.


Easy and intuitive

Pre-built components that speed up development on a fully Dev-friendly and JavaScript compliant platform.

Enterprise ready

Ready for robust operations

Features that ensure total control of your operation, such as audit logs and reports, in a secure, reliable and scalable way.

Gain efficiency

Business Automation

Save time by building automation for your operation, performing transactions between all points of your ecosystem safely. Monitor all processes easily and change flows in real time according to your business needs.

Expand your ecosystem

Digital Offers

Enrich the value of your product and expand your ecosystem by connecting with partners and external applications in a simple way. Quickly build integrations with our pre-built market system components, or create your own.

Modernize your technology

Agile Architecture

Enable digital initiatives (such as web or mobile apps) and simplify your architecture by easily integrating your business with any system, be it modern or legacy, through API Gateways.

Build your ecosystem

Open Innovation

Enable an ecosystem of expertise around your business, exposing your company's assets through intelligent APIs, which enable the development of applications by third parties in a secure and controlled way.

LinkApi success cases

Solve your challenges

Take the first step to revolutionize your integrations 

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