Hire our complete and tailor-made solution for your business model

Business Model

Hire the platform and use it alone or let us take care of everything for you:


A complete integration tool and the central pillar of LinkApi.

Commercialized in the form of a signature and molded according to the needs of each type of business.

Each package indicates the type of functionality and systems that can be integrated. The value of the subscription will be stipulated according to the necessary consumption volumetry considered:

  • Number of Integration Flows
  • Data update periodicity
  • Hits Volumetry (API Gateway)

Professional Services

In case you are not available to orchestrate the LinkApi platform, we will create and customize the scope of your project according to your needs.

A team specialized in APIs and integrations will do the complete setup with design, development, testing, homologation, assisted production and hand-over for your team to do the support.

In addition to the setup, we offer additional services of:

  • Monitoring
  • 24×7 support
  • Training


We offer 3 plans of features, services and SLA's:

*Add-on: items contracted separately.

The value of your subscription will be determined by the chosen plan of the platform, plus the Volumetry of Consumption, which is determined by:

  • Quantity of integration flows & periodicity of information update.
  • Quantity of API Gateway Hits.

Contact Us

Schedule an appointment with our team and prove that LinkApi is the perfect solution for your business and projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the platform signature model?

LinkApi has a monthly subscription model. The items described in the plans correspond to what each plan is entitled to per month, and for all of them, the numbers are not cumulative. If the number of hits in your API is less than what the plan is entitled to, they will not be counted as a "credit" in the next month.

How much does LinkApi cost?

The price is customized and adapted to the technical needs of each project. To achieve this, LinkApi and the company understand together what are the main points and pains that need to be solved.

Update Cycle?

Update Cycle is the method that defines specific intervals for calls from your APIs and executions from your automations. You can choose to perform a specific action, such as synchronizing information between your systems every 8 hours.

What are Jobs?

Jobs are the way that LinkApi users configure their automations to work the way they prefer. With built automation, the job is where the variables of intervals, projects and persons responsible for the defined activities are configured.

What are Managed Services?

It is an additional service that can be hired for your project. Basically, managed services are a premium support for the project, with LinkApi's experts helping in the construction and maintenance of APIs and integrations made in our platform.

24x7 support

24×7 support can be hired as an add-on for any of the plans. This support consists of a "hotline", that is, a direct number with LinkApi's integration specialists, where any doubts and problems with the platform can be solved.

I don't have a development team, does LinkApi work for me?

Yes, companies that do not have an internal development team or that do not have expert people can count on our team of Professional Services. The team is composed of experts in the development of APIs and integrations. Learn more about this team here.

What are API Hits?

API Hits are the requests made for your APIs. Each HTTP call requesting some information from it is counted as a hit.

What is dedicated infrastructure?

For projects that need a large volume of data traffic without the loss of scalability, LinkApi offers a unique infrastructure for your project, managed by our team of experts.

Where can I find more technical information about LinkApi?

Our documentation page contains all the information and updates about nomenclatures, new components and best practice tutorials for your automations and APIs.

API Gateway

LinkApi has a full suite of API Gateway. With features designed for productivity and speed of development, you can build APIs using best practices for security, pagination, filters and more. The documentation of each API developed on the platform is automatically reflected in a consumer portal, which is updated according to the development. As well as for integrations, the API Gateway also has add-ons. You can define how many hits are needed and thus adjust to your needs.
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  • Business
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