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Professional Services Journey
#1 Inception


Scenario Mapping

Through an alignment session, we’ll thoroughly map the project’s situation (software, infrastructure, and people) and key information about what needs to be built within the process development. 


Flows Definition

We develop a functional specification as a method to visualize the integrations and information flows, along with their business rules. 

The main point is to visually demonstrate what is the project’s foundation and align its scope, considering every possible variable.

Professional Services Journey
#2 Building



This step consists of developing the project itself from the integrations’ technical documentation.

On this step, we’ll embrace all of the integration flows to be validated, considering what is the project’s success criteria. 



Joint validation involving the project’s accountable (LinkApi + Client). On this step, we simulate numerous possible integration scenarios, aiming to validate the project’s flows behavior. 

Professional Services Journey
#3 Conclusion



Having our client’s approval, we’ll transfer the communication to our support team, responsible for helping with possible questions regarding the platform.

‍Besides that, we’ll instruct our client on how to use our communication channels, that may vary depending on which support level was chosen.

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