integration dashboard


Through a control panel, you have an overview of how your integrations work, the successes and status of your operation.

integration flow


Tenants are the platforms on which you want to integrate with your business. You manage your integrations in the most appropriate way for your operation in a intuitive platform.

integration flow
smart flow integration

Integration Builder

You can define the integration flow to carry out in each platform. You can also define what behaviors and actions the integration will have, and how often the integration will occur so that your company’s needs are met.

component integration flow

Stand alone

LinkApi can also be triggered by an external trigger. Rather than picking up the information between your platforms, when necessary, you can set up for LinkApi to be triggered as soon as your client takes a specific action on your platform.

component stand alone
activities integration


Easily monitor all activities that take place between your integrations. Keep the information in a simple, objective list.

integration log


Monitor your integrations in real time with logs and smart alerts thru emails. Manage and control your integrations simply and accurately form.

linkapi integration log
linkapi integration store

Integration Store

Offer an integration store of your platform with the other ecosystem systems for your customers, quickly and securely. In this way, you scale the integrations your business needs without having to develop any integration.

interceptor integration flow


Customize the integrations according to the rules and needs for each type of business. In addition to being able to customize the integrations with our panel, you can also embed LinkApi within your platform.

interceptor link api
linkapi sdk


LinkApi gives you ready-made tools like templates and integration packages to make it easy to use the platform. You can also incorporate LinkApi into your system.

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