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amazon integration
Amazon Marketplace
Having been an online seller for over 20 years, Amazon is one of the first companies to sell online. You can sell your products in one of the most reputable online stores in the world.
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bling integration
Bling ERP
Bling is the ideal online ERP for e-commerce companies. From conference to invoice, integrates your physical store, e-commerce, post office and logistics, into a single system.
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bseller integration
Bseller e-commerce platform
BSeller bring together sophisticated solutions to meet the needs of online retailers so that the latter can deliver to their clients. BSeller combines ERP and online store systems.
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buscape integration
Buscapé price comparison
Buscapé is the worldwide price comparison leader. It enhances consumer relations sustainably and creates excellent buying experience.
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chkout me integration
Chkout.me - Mobile payment platform
Chkout.me is an application that allows you to make purchases online through your cell phone, without having to register or log in.
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fbits integration
FBITS e-commerce platform
FBITS is an e-commerce tech company focused on e-commerce platforms and tools.
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huggy integration
Huggy Digital Answering Platform
Huggy integrates several channels and in addition, it allows the capture of leads and creation of chatbots with the application of artificial intelligence for automation of the consultations
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ibevar integration
Brazilian Institute of Retail and Consumer Executives
It is a non-profit institution. Founded by a group of professionals related to the retail sector with the objective of establishing discussion groups and knowledge about the market.
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jet integration
JET e-commerce platform
JET e-business has been operating in the e-commerce market since 99, having platforms segmented for various business areas. It is focused on innovation and committed to customer success.
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jn2 integration
JN2  - ecommerce platform
Certified Magento Platform (BSP), JN2 provides a variety of virtual store solutions, enabling small, medium and large companies to succeed in online sales.
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kpl integration
15-year-plus ERP is the Brazilian e-commerce operations market leader which offers a complete management system. Mercado Livre bought ERP and now it is called Mercado Backoffice.
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magento integration
Magento e-commerce platform
Magento is the best and most used e-commerce content management platform in the world because it offers an open-source system.
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mercado livre integration
Mercado Livre
Mercado Livre is the largest Latin American online buying and selling platform. On Mercado Livre sellers and buyers contact each other quickly and easily.
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tiny integration
Tiny ERP
Is a cloud software, specialized in backoffice for e-commerce. Its principle is the simplicity and the efficiency of the routine. Organized companies have more time to do cool things.
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tray integration
Tray e-commerce platform
Offers a complete solution to create your virtual store and sell your products on the internet. We take care of the infrastructure and help your business grow more and more.
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trusted company integration
TrustedCompany - Rating and Feedback
TrustedCompany is the main platform for collecting and divulging online stores purchases ratings. By using TrustedCompany, you will put your clients at ease while buying online.
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vtex integration
VTEX e-commerce platform
VTEX is a Brazilian multinational company. It is a worldwide e-commerce landmark with offices in over 16 countries. Among their clients are Coca-Cola and Disney.
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